Jordan metzler •Owner, Yoga Instructor

Emily Hansen Photography

Emily Hansen Photography

Jordan (RYT-200, RTT) is an experienced Yoga Instructor and Thai-Yoga Massage Practitioner with a passion for introducing ancient practice to the modern body. Her love of movement paired with her reverence for Eastern healing arts has developed into classes and individual sessions that are both healing and uplifting for the unique, holistic self.

Jordan offers classes and sessions that spark the interest of a curious mover; yet continues to cultivate the energy of the serious practitioner. With her extensive background in creative movement and Pilates mat training, her Yoga and Thai sessions are the perfect blend of energy and flexibility work; with yoga philosophy and inspiration added in to revitalize your personal practice. 

Anne Cookson •Level 4 Essentrics® Instructor

Emily Hansen Photography

Emily Hansen Photography

Anne has been an Essentrics® instructor since early 2014.  She discovered Essentrics® by taking Heather Corey's classes and immediately fell in the love with the program, so much so that she decided to pursue Essentrics® certification so that she could share this program with others.  

Anne  has always had a passion for fitness and for all types of music which lends itself well to teaching Essentrics®.   She loves that she is helping people to stay healthy and fit no matter their age and fitness level.   She is motivated by her clients who tell her after class how good they feel and how much they enjoyed the variety of the music selections.

Tammy Bergeson •Level 2 Essentrics® Instructor

Emily Hansen Photography

Emily Hansen Photography


Tammy discovered Essentrics® while looking for an alternative to high impact fitness classes. As an occupational therapist she recognized the value of Essentrics® as a therapeutic, healing way to exercise. She was also drawn to the elegant flow and musicality of the workout. Tammy became a certified Essentrics® instructor in 2016 and is always excited to share this powerful method to others looking for a way to get a strong, balanced and mobile body. Tammy is also certified by the American Council on Exercise as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

Kim Zimmer • LeveL 4 Essentrics® Instructor

Emily Hansen Photography

Emily Hansen Photography

With a background as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Kim believes in the holistic approach to health and healing. Kim's been teaching fitness and therapy programs since her days in college. She enjoys sharing the Essentrics® method of muscular balance and joint decompression to help people achieve their fitness goals either as a stand alone program or to compliment their existing sport or recreational activities.

Kim specializes in strength, mobility and posture therapy along with performance based sport and agility conditioning. She works with a wide range of clientele from special populations to those seeking to achieve greater performance as an athletic competitor.

Katharine Kaufman • Yoga Instructor


Katharine Kaufman was raised in New England watching the green come out of snow. Her yoga, poetry, performance work, and play all spring from the gentle stillness found through meditation practices.
Katharine studied in India, taught Yoga for many years at The Yoga Workshop and Studio Be in Boulder and leads retreats at the Shambhala Mountain Center. She is an adjunct professor at Naropa University where she teaches Movement Arts. She holds MFAs in Performance/Choreography and Writing/Poetics. Katharine’s choreography has been seen in venues such as Boulder’s Fringe Festival, Naropa’s Presidential Inauguration, Altona Grange Hall, and in the forest.

Tricia Cusick • Yoga



Tricia began her yoga journey in 1998, and became a teacher in 2009. She has been a student of many styles of yoga. Her favorite teachers include Seane Corn, Rod Stryker and Tias Little. Tricia's classes focus on breath and alignment, slowing things down so students can center into postures & be in their bodies. A Jersey Girl at heart, you may hear an occasional cuss word...sorry in advance! She loves incorporating music into her classes, too ( expect at least one Springsteen song in every playlist! )

Nikki Hartley • Movement Meditation, Yoga


Nikki has a deep passion for wanting to truly help others. She always been the person that people easily open up to and tell their deepest and most intimate secrets after only meeting a brief time earlier. After more than 11 years of study in the integrative healing arts (including hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, and more), she has been so fortunate to use her gifts and acquired tools to witness some of the most miraculous and amazing transformations with her clients. She holds space in her classes for everyone to feel comfortable and witnessed, to create a container for vulnerability and non-judgement. Her soul’s purpose to help others learn how to rewire their brains in a way that resonates with them, feels authentic and gives them the lasting changes they desire.

Kate DeCoste • Prenatal & Restorative Yoga


Kate (RYT-400) is a certified advanced Yoga Teacher, Health Coach, and Meditation Teacher. At the heart of it all, she is an artist, weaving creativity, storytelling and movement together in the form of deep rooted healing. Her passion in the arts and psychology focus on how through getting deep within the myofascial tissue, the body can begin the process of unraveling old thought patterns and heal the mind. Kate supplements the flavor of her teachings with experience gathered from far corners of the earth, infused heavily with her love of Indonesian culture and teachings from Bali, Indonesia. Kate offers classes that specialize in myofascial release through a Restorative practice, Prenatal movement, and yoga for (post) injury recovery. Whether a soon to be mom, or recovering from an injury, she wants every student to feel safe and empowered through their movement and breath.

Kylie O’Connor •Functional Vinyasa


Kylie (RYT-500) is an innovative Vinyasa Yoga instructor who loves blending traditional style flow and philosophy with less traditional movement styles to create a well-rounded and sustainable practice for her students. She began her teaching journey in Louisiana in 2014 and relocated to Longmont in 2018. With her adventurous spirit leading the way, she brings a calm fire to her classes. Creativity has always been the cornerstone of her teaching as well as her own personal practice. She believes that mobility is greater than flexibility and strives to help her students learn about their bodies through movement and think outside the "box" of traditional poses alone... and most importantly have fun in the process!