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Healthy Heart Workshop
10:30 AM10:30

Healthy Heart Workshop

Did you know that heart disease is one of the top killers of both men and women in the United States?

Join Licensed Practical Nurse & Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner Susan Hofland as she discusses the importance of heart health and why nutrition therapy plays such an important role in establishing and maintaining heart health.

This FREE workshop is great for anyone who:

- currently has heart disease and are on statins, hypertensive medications, etc.

- has a family history of heart disease and would like take preventative measures to lessen their own chances of heart-related complications.

- would like to learn more about nutrition therapy and how it can improve their over-all health and well being.

Susan will be offering free mini nutrition response testing sessions for those in attendance.

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Energize 2019: Create The Year You Love!
10:30 AM10:30

Energize 2019: Create The Year You Love!

Join Verve Movement Studio and Tiffany Skidmore of Nourish and Forge Wellness for this fun, creative start to your new year!

Holistic Wellness and Life Coach, Tiffany Skidmore, facilitates an interactive, playful 90 minute workshop designed to bring intention and energy into 2019. Using guided meditation, journaling, connection, and creativity, Tiffany will help you lay the foundation for an outstanding New Year! She is an intuitive card reader and will be available to pull an inspirational oracle card just for you, to your creative juices.

Create the year you desire by:

• identifying an empowering "theme" for 2019
• getting clear on your intentions
• recognizing energy sources and energy leaks
• committing to achievable action steps
• playing with "right brain" modalities to create a visual representation of the energy and direction of 2019
• receiving an inspirational oracle card reading (depending on time and number of participants)

Cost: $25 in advance, and $35 at the door.

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Move • Write • Breathe
1:00 PM13:00

Move • Write • Breathe

We are so excited to have Liz Tucker back at Verve for this very special workshop combining the mindfulness of yoga with the creative expression of writing and conscious dance.

The body is a potent gateway to our creative potential.  As life takes us by the hand each day, ushering our attention from one thing to another, it can be difficult to slow down and feel what is moving inside of us, and how it wants to be expressed.  In this workshop we will use the catalysts of moving meditation and yoga to invite the body to open, and the analytical mind to relax.  In that pause we will write from the heart and invite anything that wants to be expressed, both with free-form writing and prompt suggestions.  From there we will relax into a breathing meditation to alchemize all that has moved within us. 

 All experience levels in Yoga, writing, and conscious dance are welcome. If you have a journal and favorite pen, please feel free to bring it.  Writing utensils and paper will also be provided.

Cost: $30 in advance, $35 at the door

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Kick Your Sugar Habit Workshop
12:00 PM12:00

Kick Your Sugar Habit Workshop

Sugar is not a simple relationship to navigate. In fact, it can be a big, hairy obstacle on our path to better health and wellness. There are so many layers at play in our choices around sugar consumption. Why is it that we so badly want that second (third, or fourth?) cookie when it seems like we should be satisfied after one? Why do we crave something sweet after dinner or our meal doesn't feel complete? Why do sugar choices feel so out of our control sometimes?

Join Verve Movement Studio and Tiffany Skidmore of Nourish and Forge Wellness on an interactive conversation and exploration of your relationship with sugar. Leave with more insight into your cravings, more gentleness around your choices, and practical next steps to move into a more aligned space with all the sugary deliciousness in your world.


• Why we start and can't stop the sugar habit
• Surprising elements/qualities of sugar and other foods (that help make sense of our cravings)
• Easy DO-NOW solutions for sugar-cravings

Receive a bonus gift (valued at $79) for attending!

Workshop is FREE for Verve members and $5 for non-members.

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Low Back Pain Seminar
11:00 AM11:00

Low Back Pain Seminar

Join Verve Movement Studio and Jake Corley with Optimal Function & Wellness for this in-depth course on identifying, healing, and preventing low back pain. Through this 3 hour course you will get familiar with back pain causes, different types of symptoms and diagnosis. This course is very informative, as well as practical.
Students completing the course will have the knowledge to self-heal with carefully selected exercises, for precisely defined symptoms.
Regardless of your experience, this course is designed to provide you everything you need to achieve your goal of living pain free.

Learn and apply exercises and helping tips that will permanently resolve the pain in the lower back.
* Explanation and definition of 10 different signs and symptoms that cause pain.
* Exercises for pain relief depending on the type of symptoms.
* Preventive measures that should be practiced on a daily basis.
* Exercises for Strengthening the lower back area.
* Advice for reducing a back pain by proper sitting on a chair, in the office

* No special equipment or clothing needed
* Willingness to apply the information given

* $40 (Verve membership holders save $10 with code MEMBER10)

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Journey into Wellness
6:30 PM18:30

Journey into Wellness

Embark on the journey of seasonal wellness with local experts in yoga, meditation, nutrition, and essential oils.

Join Jordan Metzler (RYT-200, RTT, Owner of Verve Movement Studio), Dr. Jennifer Drake (Gentle Chiropractor/Holistic Health Coach, Owner of HG Wellness), Lindsay Adams (Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils), and Brianna Felz (Holistic Nutrition Counselor/Certified Birth Doula, Owner of Beetroot Wellness) for an evening of seasonal wellness and self care.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore resources and tools to make healthy choices no matter what the new season brings. This workshop is great for those who are looking to relieve stress, manage weight, and improve their over-all health through new and inspiring wellness practices.

$25 in advance, $30 at the door- includes instruction in yoga and meditation, as well as samples of essential oils and local, organic food from Beetroot Wellness.

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